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Sunday, 9 September 2018

30 Amazing Facts India

30 Amazing Facts India

30 Amazing Facts India India is a country located in South Asia known as the world's seventh largest country. It is also the second most populous country in the world and is home to more than 1.2 billion people. The Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal along its southern border. The country also shares its boundaries with Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 30 Amazing Facts India

30 Amazing Facts India The Indian flag is included in four colors. A flag is in orange, white and green strips, and there is a small blue symbol in the middle of the white strip. This symbol is a wheel with 24 spokespersons, and the entire flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. Its capital city is New Delhi and its population is 21.75 million.

30 Amazing Facts India The two official languages of the country are Hindi and English, although there is no recognized national language. Primary religion in India is Hinduism; Although there are four major religions in the country. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism all started in India, and today helped to create a diverse culture of India. The Indian currency is known as the Indian rupee, and the country's estimated gross domestic product is 1.947 trillion dollars.

30 Amazing Facts India
Amazing Facts

Let us now know some interesting facts about our beloved India - 30  Amazing Facts India

1 The government of India is a federal parliamentary constitutional republic. He has a President, Vice President, Prime Minister, President and Chief Justice of the House. 30  Amazing Facts about India

2 India is the 7th largest country in the world and has 3 million square kilometers of land but 9.6% of our land has been captured.

3 1.947 trillion dollars with India's 10th highest gross domestic product; However, per capita GDP is at 140th place in the world and only $ 1,592.

4 In 1991, India adopted a market-based economy and has since become one of the world's fastest-growing economies. 30 Amazing Facts India

5 You will be proud to know that India's army is the fourth largest army in the world, while America is ranked second in the world, second only to Russia and third place by China.

6 Our India consists of 29 states and 7 regions in the country and it is home to many different cultures and ethnic groups.

7 The official name of India is the Republic of India. 30 Amazing Facts India

8 Your Cena will become knowledgeable that India is part of the Asian continent with Japan and many other countries.

9 It has been estimated that more than 850 languages are spoken in India on a daily basis, and more than 1600 languages are known in the country.

30 Amazing Facts India
Amazing Facts
10 Cricket in our country of India is the only sport that people worship like God and many Indian children enter the Cricket Academy to fulfill the dream of their family, and one day they can illuminate the name of their country India. India had won their first World Cup with Kapil Dev in 1984 and for the second time India won the World Cup in 2011, under Dhoni's captaincy, illuminated India's name throughout the world. 30  Amazing Facts India

11 The British ruled India from 1757 to 1947. After its independence from the United Kingdom, India became an independent country in 1947.

12 Tiger of Bengal is the official national animal symbol of India.

13 In India, widows are often considered to be bad luck. Some Indians believe that if they invite widows to any of their social programs, they will also become inauspicious with them. 30 Amazing about India

14 India has the world's largest postal service. Its postal network has more than 1, 54,882 post offices, yet it is considered one of the slowest postal networks in the world.

15 In India, people consider cows as a sacred animal. The cow is an animal whose urine is cured of human cancer, diabetes, and such terrible diseases that today's medical science has no answer, Indian milk To use cows. India is the largest dairy producer in the world. 30  Amazing Facts India

16 Wasting of food in India is considered to be a terrible sin, that the Kukki Indians consider it to be the deity.

17 India is the world's largest tea producer after China. You will be surprised to know that India produces around 1,200 million kg of tea every year and drinks more than 70 percent of its own, yet India tea in other countries In the case of export, it comes at number four. 30  Amazing Facts India

18 In our India, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in the memory of his wife Mumtaz in the sixteenth century. The builders of that time made the Taj Mahal so beautiful that everyone came and pulled it, but after the Taj Mahal became the Taj Mahal, all the builders cut their hands to the workers so that they could not make another Taj Mahal for anyone else. Today people from all over the world Come to visit India to see this Taj Mahal.

19 Chess was discovered in India. In ancient times, it was known as Chaturanga. 30  Amazing Facts India

With the research of 20 scientists, it has been found that the first surgery in the world was done by Sage Munis in India about 3,000 years ago.

21 It has been estimated that by 2030 India can cross China in terms of population. 30  Amazing Facts India

22 New Delhi's air pollution is the most polluted in the world.

23 India is the only country in the world where the largest population of vegetarians is. 30  Amazing Facts India

24 Most people die on the streets of India compared to any other country in the world.

25 The world's first university was established in India in Tashikila in 700 BC. 30  Amazing Facts India

26 Even today, you may be buying shampoo from expensive to expensive foreign companies but you will be proud of yourself for knowing that Shampoo was discovered in India only.

27 Even today, NASA is at the forefront of the science world, but you will be surprised if you did not have NASA even if India did not exist because India invented the '0' and it was due to this Zero that today NASA Has reached Mars. 30  Amazing Facts India

28 Today all the people who are dressed in the world are the first to discover the button in which they were dressed.

29 Many languages are spoken in India but Hindi is our national language, but today's some foolish people call English-speaking people more civilized, while those who speak Hindi think they are foolish and illiterate. 30  Amazing Facts India

30. Knowing this will be proud of your country of India that India has never attacked any country before, hence India is also called a peace-loving country. 30  Amazing Facts India

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