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Thursday, 20 September 2018



KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION Kundalini is the mystical power, which is occupied in the subtle form of the person's body. It is a method of awakening, which can be learned from the guru tradition. When this power starts to awaken then the activities of various currencies, pranayama or asana etc. start automatically. Kundalini Vidya is also called Gyan from the Guru tradition.

If the seeker is intensely inquisitive and the Asana pranayama etc are done fast for a long time regularly, even then the Kundalini becomes awakened. Kundalini awakens by doing self-practice, even then in the Kundalini Yoga tradition it is believed that the awakened power just by the grace of the Guru has just awakened.


Hatha yoga Pradipika says that just as the snake becomes the shape of the stomach, by stalking the sticks, similarly the Jalandhar binds the wind and take the wind up and practice the Kumbak. Sadhak slowly breathes out. From this Mahamudra, Kundalini Shakti becomes straight (awakened). KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION


The Kundalini has to reach Sahasrar and keep it or to attain Samadhi, then the seeker has to sacrifice the disorders. After the awakening of the Kundalini, the seeker constantly practices it. If a seeker does not end his disorders through yoga in the Sadhana period, then that power keeps the fear of collapse in the following chakras. KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION

This is the first cycle of the body. This is the 'base cycle' with four petals between the anus and the penis.
The consciousness of 99.9% people remains stuck on this cycle and they die in this cycle. Those whose life is primarily of enjoyment, sexual intercourse, and sleep, their energy is collected around this circle.In this cycle, there is the abode of Shri Ganesha. KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION

1) Root chakra (Muladhara)



  • Mantra: LAM

The method of awakening the cycle: The human being is animalistic, as long as it is living in this cycle, therefore, this cycle starts to waking up by continuous meditation on this cycle while maintaining restraint on enjoyment, sleep and sexual intercourse
. The second rule to wake up is to follow the Yama and the rules and remain in the witnessing system. KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION

Influence: When the cycle is awakened, the sense of bravery, fearlessness, and joy within the person becomes awakened. To attain the achievements, bravery, boldness, and awareness need to be done.

2. Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)



This is the cycle, which is located above the four fingers of the penis, which has six feathers. If your energy is accumulated on this cycle, then your life will be preoccupied with amusement, entertainment, wanderings, and fun.

By doing all this, you will not know even when your life will end and your hands will remain empty. KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION

Savitri and Brahma Ji reside in this cycle.

Mantra: VAM

How to wake up: Entertainment is essential in life, but not a habit of entertainment. Entertainment also pushes the person's consciousness into unconsciousness. The film is not true, but by joining it, the experience you experience is proof of living your unconscious life. Drama and entertainment are not true.

Impact: When it is awakened, destruction of cruelty, pride, idleness, disobedience, disobedience, disbelief etc. is destroyed.

. It is necessary to achieve the achievements that the Siddis will knock on your door when all these defects are over.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)



This cycle of blood character located in the root of the navel is the third cycle of the body under Manipur, which is comprised of ten lotus petals. The person whose consciousness or energy is gathered here remains to tune in to work. Such people are called Karmayogi. These people are ready to do all the work of the world. KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION

Lakshmi and Vishnu live in this cycle.

Mantra: RAM

How to wake up: To give a positive dimension to your work, you will focus on this cycle. Breathe in the stomach.

Impact: By activating it, the kashayas-kalmasha of the desires, jealousy, gossip, shame, fear, hatred, attraction etc. are removed. This cycle basically provides self-power. To achieve accomplishments it is necessary to be self-confident. To be self-confident, it is necessary to experience that you are not a body, but a soul.

No goal of life with self-power, self-respect and self-esteem are not rare.

4. Heart chakra (Anahata)

  • Color-GREEN


The Golden Charm of Swarnam Chakra situated in the heart of the heart is the Anahata Chakra, a decorated circle with lotus petals with lotus petals. If your energy is active in Anahata, then you will be a creative person. At every moment you think of creating something new. You can be the painter, poet, story writer, engineer and so on. KUNDALINI YOGA-KUNDALINI-CHAKRA-KUNDALINI-JAGRAN-KUNDALINI MEDITATION

Parvati and Shiva live in this cycle.

Mantra: YAM
How to wake up: By meditating on the heart and meditating, this cycle starts to wake up. Especially after meditating on this chakra before sleeping, it starts waking up with practice and Sushumna starts going up and crossing this cycle.

Influence: When it is activated, lips, deceit, violence, mischief, anxiety, attachment, conceit, indecision, and ego are exhausted. Being awakened by this cycle, there is an awareness of love and sensation within a person. 

When it is awakened, knowledge begins automatically at the time of the person. People become very confident, safe, characteristic, responsible and emotionally balanced personality. Such a person becomes very friendly and open-minded, without any selfish interests.

5. Throat chakra (Vishuddha)



There is a place of Saraswati in the veranda, where there is a pure chakra and which is of sixteen feathers. Normally if your energy is gathered around this cycle then you will be very powerful.

In this cycle, Ashtangi Mata Durga Ji lives.
Mantra: HAM
How to wake up: By chanting and meditating in the throat, this cycle starts to wake up.
Influence: Being aware of it, the knowledge of sixteen arts and sixteen divinities is attained. While it is awakening, where hunger and thirst can be stopped, the impact of the weather can also be stopped.

6. Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)



The embryo is in the middle of the eye (in the eyebrow between both eyes). In general, the person's energy is more active here, then such a person becomes intellectually rich, sensitive and sharp-minded, but he remains silent despite knowing everything. This is called an intellectual accomplishment.

Mantra: OM
How to wake up: By meditating in the middle of the eyebrows, this cycle starts to wake up in the witnessing state.
Impact: Here the powers and the Siddhis reside. With the awakening of this mandatory cycle, all these
powers awake and the person becomes a perfect man.

Crown chakra (Sahasrara)



The position of Sahasrara is in the central part of the brain, that is, where the peak holds. If a person has reached here by following the rule of Yama, then he has become located in the delightful body. Such a person does not have any meaning with the world, sannyas, and siddhis.

Mantra: OM

How to wake up: Sahasrara can be reached only through the childhood. By continuously meditating, this cycle is awakened and one attains the position of Paramahansa.
Influence: There is a collection of several important electrical and biological electricity in this place in body structure. This is the gate of salvation.


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