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Sunday, 14 October 2018

kangana ranaut statement on richa dubey-Kangana Ranaut msq news

kangana ranaut statement on richa dubey-Kangana Ranaut msq news

Kangana Ranaut became Bollywood's top actress with the movie 'Queen' in 2014. Now, after four years, he has accused the film's director Vikal Bahal of sexual assault. Development on this matter, X Wife Richa has lynched Kangana.

kangana ranaut statement on richa dubey-Kangana Ranaut msq news

Richa said that Kangana is misusing the #MeToo movement. While raising questions on Kangana's allegations, he also wrote a long-standing post. He said that if the development was so bad, why did Kangna have friendship with him for a long time?

Kangna did not seem to be right about development, so why did not she openly talk about it? He was very successful and there was no pressure on him then why he was silent. In response, Kangana said, "X-Wife saving the X habit. I have a question from you that if your husband is such a good person then why are you taking a divorce from him? I think this is silly, what is this friendly divor?

'It will not happen that one day you will get up and you felt that this great man should now divorced. That is why it is better for these women that we like to have a good working environment. When the media asked Kangana on the Mumbai airport, she replied in reply, "This is not a time for women to fight each other but rather to support each other."

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'For many years we have been watching fights among women. I can understand that his experience as a wife is different. Being an X-Wife, he will know better, but we can take it in such a way that his experience is different from other people. ' kangana ranaut statement on richa dubey-Kangana Ranaut msq news

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Explain that Kangana had said while accusing Vikas, "When we were shooting the Queen, then development was married. Still, he used to mention daily sexual relations with a new partner. I do not judge others or their marriage, but you can feel that they have become addiction to them. '

'Development used to party every night and I used to embarrass me often if I was not involved in my party. Whenever there was any development, he used to weirdly embrace me, smell my hair and say that he loves this fragrance. I used to think that they had something wrong with them. After this I made distances from them. '

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