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Sunday, 7 October 2018

#MeeToo: Increased problems of development, Kangana Runout told- catching up loud and smelling my hair

#MeeToo: Increased problems of development, Kangana Ranaut told- catching up loud and smelling my hair

On the Queen Fame Director, a woman has accused of sexually assaulting Kangana Ranaut, who has been candidly supporting the woman, said that Vikas used to hang her freely and smell the hair.

A woman has found sexual harassment at director Vikal Bahal. In this case their difficulties are increasingly visible. Actress Kangana Ranaut has supported the woman, who has worked with her in the movie on 'Queenfam' director of the controversy surrounding the controversy. Known for Bebeak Rai, Kangna has again been in the news about her statement in this matter. Speaking about Vikas Bahal, Kangana has told that she is fully convinced of the fact that Vikas has mistreated her.

Kangana said I am fully convinced about the woman, during 'Queen' shooting in 2014, Vikas had got married. But even then she has to make a physical relationship with her new partner every day I did not judge people for their marriage. "

Kangna said, "Development used to party every night and I used to embarrass myself for not joining these parties due to the fast sleep, they used to say that I am not good at all. Embracing, gripping very tightly ... smelling my hair and saying that he loved this fragrance, after putting a lot of emphasis I could have saved myself. Student there is something wrong. "

Talking about the allegations of the woman, Kangna said, "I trust this girl. Now after the end of Phantom Films this talk is being discussed more and more but this issue was raised earlier and very easily It was suppressed. I had supported this woman even at that time, if you want, you can hear the conversation with my media of those days. "

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Kangna further said, "Vikas had given me the script of the film that was made on a Haryana Medalist of Haryana, but when I supported this victim, then Vikas stopped talking to me, but I did not know the script I did not take greed nor called the development once. I did what I found to be right. After that I did not find any update and this case would be cold Or. "

Kangana is surprised that once again the issue has arisen when the Phantom Films have ended and in these developments are visible as a weak person. Kangna believes that the society should embrace itself for this attitude. All these things will again be for Gossip a few days and will end. From Kangana's statements, it is clear that he does not agree with the attitude of development and is openly supporting the woman.

#MeeToo: Increased problems of development, Kangana Ranaut told- catching up loud and smelling my hair

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Let us tell you that the accused woman had worked with Vikal Bahl in the movie 'Bombay Velamat'. The woman has said that during promotional tour before the release of 'Bombay Velvet' Vikas has tampered with the woman.  #MeeToo: Increased problems of development, Kangana Ranaut told- catching up loud and smelling my hair


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